Fitted Wardrobes

Wardrobes have become more than a place in which to store clothing and other items, they’re a home addition that’s capable of transforming a bedroom in many ways.

At PLW, we create beautiful fitted wardrobes designed for your lifestyle and storage requirements. Our wardrobes are made to the exact measurements of the bedroom in that they fit perfectly into the dimensions of the space, maximizing every inch of the area, enabling you to store more clothing and personal items while enjoying a roomier, more spacious bedroom.

The space-saving benefits that built-in wardrobes provides in comparison to freestanding furniture are widely known, making built-in wardrobes an excellent means of maximizing space, both storage space and usable space.

walk in wardrobe bespoke bedroom furniture ireland patrick lawless woodworking

This is especially the case with small or irregular-shaped bedrooms as the wardrobe is specifically designed and tailored for each bedroom space. It’s also a tangible long-term investment to your home, especially when you invested in a good, durable material.

A variety of options are available which enables you to personalize your bedroom storage space to your exact requirements. The benefit of custom integrated lighting is often an overlooked item. Most standing wardrobes only offer limited illumination options (if any). With a bespoke wardrobe, you can get all the lighting options for your needs with added benefit of aesthetic purposes. Coupled with organizing accessories a built-in wardrobe offers a great opportunity for creating not only a well-designed but a highly organized space.

With so many options available it is worth taking the time to speak to PLW about transforming your bedroom space. Find examples of built-in wardrobes in our furniture gallery.

Patrick replaced built in wardrobes we had had in our house for years and which I hated. He did a super job on them and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. He is very professional and expert at his work. He was also able to make helpful suggestions regarding the internal setup of the wardrobes. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.