Mud Room & Under Stair Storage

The entrance hallway is a focal part of your home and is much more than just a space that leads to other rooms. It speaks volumes about you and it’s definitely worthy of your decorating attention. Why not make it a functional entryway that is not only warm and inviting but also practical to your everyday needs.

Clutter is a no-no in a hallway, so why not create a dedicated bespoke mud room. It creates a neat place for you to drop your belongings, hang your coat or store neatly away your everyday items. Mud rooms barely take up any space and don’t need to intrude into a narrow hallway space. They can be tailored to feature a seat, incorporate a mirror and feature a space to hang your jackets or store away your bags and equipment.

Under the stairs is often a forgotten and dead space in our homes which has never been utilized to its full potential. Depending on your stair’s configuration from the hallway and what your needs are, the space under your stairs can be revamped via custom bespoke furniture or cabinetry to create something individual and unique to your home.

There can be a whole lot of space under a stair and below are some options to explore;

  • Create bespoke under stair storage by both pull out drawers or doors. This is the most common and popular choice and a great way to utilise the space. The vacuum cleaner, shoes and boots are common items that benefit from this convenient style of storage.
  • Create a potential cosy reading nook which can be complimented by cushions and choice lighting.
  • With more and more people working from home, why not create a dedicated unique workspace or study space.

The choice in use of the space is down to your personnel needs and preference and each choice can be matched and complement existing joinery like doors, stairs and flooring.

With so many options available it is worth taking the time to speak to PLW about transforming your hallway or making use of the often forgotten space beneath your stairs. Find examples of bespoke Mud room units and use of space under stairs in our furniture gallery.